About Alan Thomson


Alan is one of the industry's premier opal cutter and specialises in the difficult to cut, boulder opal. With over 40 years of experience, Alan has the ability to extract and present opal at its best, maximising both yield and value. Alan regularly undertakes cutting for clients as well as working on his own opal for jewellery and loose stones.


Alan is renowned for his skills in presenting boulder opal in exciting and innovative ways. Always conscious of the character of the stone, Alan's designs range from the simplicity of a single stone on a sterling silver choker to intricate patterns influenced by native fauna electro-cast on to superb boulder opal specimens.

A Fellow of the Gold and Silversmiths Guild of Australia, Alan predominately works with opal, as well as other precious gems and is regularly commissioned to create jewellery for clients who require a special and distinctive piece of jewellery. Alan individually designs and crafts all his jewellery, which can be found at selected specialist retail outlets around Australia. 

Wholesale and private enquires are most welcome.


Alan Thomson’s passion for Australia’s array of spectacular gems was a natural progression from a childhood spent fossicking in the gem fields with his father. After graduating from Sydney University in 1977, he travelled far western Queensland where he was smitten with the brilliant beauty of boulder opal. Turning his back on a career as a biochemist, he bought his first parcel of rough opal.

For more than thirty years Alan lived and worked in the tiny town of Quilpie located in the heart of Queensland’s boulder opal country. Mining, cutting, polishing, then finally setting the stone in distinctive bold designs earned him the reputation of being Australia’s premier opal artisan.

Today the Alan Thomson name is synonymous with contemporary and evocative jewellery which is truly Australian. He has expanded his portfolio of gems, intuitively combining Kimberly diamonds, Broome pearls and Queensland sapphires into his opal jewellery designs, capturing the essence of the outback’s natural beauty.

Regularly commissioned to create special pieces, he is renowned for presenting gems in exciting and innovative ways. A fellow of the Gold and Silversmiths Guild of Australia, all of Alan’s pieces bear his and the guild’s hallmarks along with the grade and year stamp.

Because he is a perfectionist by nature, his jewellery artworks are of enduring quality, born of precision coupled with outstanding artistry. Designed to attract attention, an Alan Thomson piece is recognised as one of the most collectable in the trade.

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