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Over thirty years ago, a young Sydney University graduate with an interest in gemstones came to outback Queensland to take a look at boulder opal mining. Smitten with the brilliant beauty of the boulder opal, he turned his back on a career as a biochemist and bought his first parcel of rough opal. Today Alan Thomson is recognised world wide as one of the premier opal cutters in the trade and is renowned for his skill in presenting boulder opal in exciting and innovative ways. Always conscious of the character of the stone, Alan’s designs range from the simplicity of a single stone on a sterling silver choker to intricate patterns influenced by native fauna electro-cast on to superb boulder specimens.

A perfectionist by nature, Alan’s opal artworks are of enduring quality and it is this precision coupled with outstanding artistry that makes an Alan Thomson piece one of the most collectable in the trade.

2009 Exhibition - 6-16th August 2009

* Alan's creations for this exhibition can be found in our Gallery